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Keep it Cloudy: An Exclusive Mentoring Night with

Cloudreach x FindSpark

On Tuesday, September 18, 2018, FindSpark partnered with Cloudreach to plan and execute an exclusive networking event, “Keep it Cloudy: 
An Exclusive Mentoring Night with Cloudreach"
at Cloudreach’s headquarters in New York City.


Cloudreach was looking to build on its pipeline of diverse candidates who have 2-3+ years of work experience and are interested in working in the technology industry. Additionally, Cloudreach wanted to create a positive employer branding experience and provide a special learning opportunity to select high-potential members within the FindSpark community.


To create this event for FindSpark members and Cloudreach, the FindSpark team and I:

  • Handled the full screening of prospective event attendees, based on a pre-determined candidate profile by Cloudreach

  • Created an event web page featuring information about Cloudreach, event speakers and featured mentors, and the event attendee RSVP process:

  • Promoted Cloudreach to FindSpark’s community of 30,000+ members and FindSpark Educator community of 6,000+ subscribers via email marketing campaigns

  • Published two dedicated branded blog articles featuring Cloudreach on

  • Advertised the event on FindSpark’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn handles before, during and after the event


The Results: FindSpark reached its program goal of curating 30 event attendees, who connected with Cloudreach employees to learn more about working in the technology industry and careers in technology and non-technology based roles.


The event met/exceeded the expectations of 100% of the attendees.


Attendee Statistics:

  • 60 total accepted applicants

  • 30 total in-person attendees

  • 24 females

  • 23 people of color

Attendee Testimonials:

"It was great to see such a diverse group of attendees considering technology. FindSpark is a great opportunity for that difficult transition time! Keep it up!"

"Very happy with my first experience attending a FindSpark event! Networking can be daunting, but FindSpark makes it easy."

"I liked that each Cloudreach mentor shared really insightful stories and tips on their area of expertise and also allowed us to share our stories and ask for advice."

Live Event Social Media Coverage - Instagram Story

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