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Leadership & Success in the New World of Supply Chain: 
An Exclusive Hiring Event with 
Walmart eCommerce x FindSpark

On Thursday, March 28, 2019, FindSpark partnered with Walmart eCommerce to plan and execute "Leadership & Success in the New World of Supply Chain: An Exclusive Hiring Event ” at Walmart eCommerce’s office in Chino, California.


Walmart eCommerce was looking to build on its pipeline of diverse, early career candidates for their openings in supply chain and, from there, create a unique and positive candidate experience.


To create a beneficial experience for candidates and Walmart eCommerce employees, the FindSpark team and I:

  • Supported the recruitment and screening of candidates, based on a pre-determined virtual assessment that's part of the application process

  • Created an event web page featuring information about the Walmart eCommerce's supply chain roles and event speakers, and the event attendee application process:

  • Promoted Walmart eCommerce to FindSpark’s community of 30,000+ members and FindSpark Educator community of 6,000+ subscribers via email marketing campaigns

  • Published a dedicated branded blog article featuring leadership tips from the Walmart eCommerce team on

  • Advertised the event on FindSpark’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn handles before, during and after the event


Additionally, Walmart eCommerce's Talent Acquisition team selected seven high-potential team members to sit on a panel and share insights into the company culture, career opportunities, and the supply chain industry.


The Results: FindSpark exceeded its program goal of curating 20+ event attendees (combined in-person and virtual total), who connected with Walmart eCommerce employees to have one-on-one interviews, learn from the panel discussion, and time for networking.


The event met/exceeded the expectations of 100% of the attendees.


Attendee Statistics:

  • 35 total accepted applicants

  • 20 total attendees

  • 4 females

  • 15 people of color

  • 100% of attendees were still interested in being considered for openings at Walmart eCommerce after the event

Attendee Testimonials:

"This event was far different than I expected. It was far more informative about the culture and the diverse group of people who work at the associate level and also those in charge. It was by far most diverse group of leaders I have ever had the privilege to meet. The FindSpark team was also fantastic with making us feel comfortable. This event was a great example of how Walmart eCommerce conducts business, and in my opinion, a great fit with FindSpark."

"Being granted the opportunity to network with the panel provided me with plenty of helpful insight on not only the job descriptions and a typical day in the job, but also each respective leader’s perspective on what makes a successful leader. I also enjoyed the laid back atmosphere that FindSpark helped create with music, gifts, and food, which put me at ease. Everyone was extremely approachable and helpful when answering any questions that I had about the company and their stories."

"FindSpark hosted an excellent event. I was interviewed virtually, which ended up being a pretty fun conversation. The conversation was really geared towards seeing what I was passionate about and the things that energized me. The panel was super informative, providing unique insights into supply chain management as well as the characteristics required for one to succeed in this field."

Social Media Event Recap - Instagram Story

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