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2017 PRSA Northeast District Conference:

PR’s Role in Economic Development and The Bottom Line

On Friday, April 28, 2017, the PRSA Finger Lakes Chapter hosted the PRSA Northeast District Conference, PRxNE 2017 at the Radisson Hotel Corning in Corning, NY.


This one-day conference, featuring 2 keynote presentations, and 17 case study sessions and professional development panels, brought together 200+ public relations practitioners and communications professionals from the PRSA Northeast District. The PRSA Northeast District covers the Boston, Buffalo/Niagara, Capital Region (NY), Central New York Chapter, Finger Lakes, Rochester, Southeastern New England and Yankee Chapters of PRSA.

All of the conference programming was based on the theme "PR’s Role in Economic Development and The Bottom Line​":

"Everything we do as Public Relations practitioners must directly support The Bottom Line. Our ideas, strategies, tactics, and measurement must all be tied directly to the business goals and the success of our organizations and our communities. We have seen a tremendous boom of economic development in the Finger Lakes region, throughout New York State, and across the Northeast District, and so much of our work as PR practitioners has supported these efforts, whether through tourism, cultural development or the success of the companies we work for."

Featured speakers and guests include:

  • Ross Levi - Vice President of Marketing Initiatives for Empire State Development (I Love NY)

  • Katie Delahaye Paine - The Measurement Queen (@queenofmetrics)

  • Jane E. Dvorak - Owner/President of JKD & Company, Inc. and 2017 PRSA Chair


For this conference, I served as a Marketing Committee Member and PRSSA Representative from September 2016 to April 2017. My responsibilities included:

  • Participating in bi-weekly conference calls to discuss conference marketing strategies

  • Promoted volunteer and attendee registration opportunities to students in Ithaca College’s PRSSA chapter and strategic communication courses

  • Organizing programming materials for the marketing committee to create and suggest content for paid social media posts and email newsletters

  • Handling event management aspects, such as greeting and providing customer service to attendees at check-in on the day of the conference

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